Things to do in Coffee Bay
Find things to do in Coffee Bay on this page, you could visit the hole in the wall, go camping, hiking, horse riding, and even eat at some local restaurants

If you are looking for Restaurants in Coffee Bay, we have complied a list of what we could find. There are not many options for eating out in Coffee Bay, so we hope this list gives you some answers as to what is available. <br <br <h2>Surf's Up Resta
The traditional Xhosa people in Coffee Bay are one of the aspects that draw tourists the area. This is also a very rural part of South Africa, with cattle and donkeys yet extremely popular with bus loads of tourists. Most of the people live off the l
This is a huge rock structure that has a large hole that was carved through it by the waves, one of the more spectacular sights in Coffee bay, worth having a look. It is carved into the cliff and extends over the seabed. The hole also echoes the soun