Local Culture in Coffee Bay

The traditional Xhosa people in Coffee Bay are one of the aspects that draw tourists the area. This is also a very rural part of South Africa, with cattle and donkeys yet extremely popular with bus loads of tourists. Most of the people live off the land, sea, and government grants. They will also barter with most tourists coming through. There are also infrastructure issues, and housing challenges for the local community. It is possible to go on tours to meet the local people, they are extremely friendly and accommodating.

Xhosa is a Bantu language which is spoken by seven million people in South Africa, it is rather hard to get right. The place is a very casual mix of international backpackers, and tourists looking for a relaxing ambience. South Africa has to be one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, IT has 11 official languages and plenty diverse cultural groups for you to encounter. The people in Coffee Bay live the same way they did hundreds of years ago, you will see mud huts and people walking miles to get water - it is not uncommon to see cattle, and goats roaming around. Get ready to walk to local attractions since its not really car friendly.

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