Restaurants in Coffee Bay South Africa

If you are looking for Restaurants in Coffee Bay, we have complied a list of what we could find. There are not many options for eating out in Coffee Bay, so we hope this list gives you some answers as to what is available.

Surf's Up Restaurant

Get Burgers and Milkshakes sitting on a large deck with views of the ocean.

Papazela's Pizza

Great Pizza, with a wonderful vibe, enjoy your beers with a gorgeous view. You also need to try the homemade Chili Sauce, you cannot go wrong there. I dont think i have ever had such a good pizza in such a remote area, they have a thin crust and are very tasty. They could be the best pizza place on the wild coast.

Contact: +27 78 165 9299


One of the Backpackers in Coffee bay is called Sugar Loaf Restaurant & Bar, they offer Breakfasts like Cereal, and muesli as well as full Transkei breakfast. You can also get cheeseburgers and chips for R80 ($7 US), bacon burgers, toasties, and Pizzas for ($9 US). The food really is great ! highly recommend. There are a few wooden benches that you can sit on outside and simply place your orders by the bar.

Shops in Coffee Bay South Africa

Its probably advisable to bring in your own long term supplies, however there is the Bomvu River Store which you can find Bomvu River Store has basic food essentials but not much else. like canned food, cool drinks, and other snacks, you can also find pasta, flour, bread, and eggs.

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